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  Managing your expectations

By working only on stone and period properties, we have built up our skills and knowledge, and teamed these with our partners that we know and trust.  It is a team uniquely qualified to deliver beautiful homes that are practical to live in, yet retain their period charm.

We pride ourselves on our great project management skills and use this as a key to our successful renovation and refurbishment projects, ensuring renovations come in on budget and on time.  We always give clients and buyers a full schedule of works, and you can be sure the plans we draw up will be delivered with workmanship that is of the highest quality throughout.

We deliver projects for all of our clients using our planning and organisational skills, and the successful management of our resources.  We bring successful completion of specific project goals and objectives on time and within budget, always honouring the clients constraints and scope.

We are always ambitious on our targets but we are equally realistic in our estimations and delivery timescales.


We do our homework !  

We have processes and procedures set up, and we work to those established processes and procedures during the entire end-to-end projects.   We understand the type of project we are taking on, and we make informed decisions of what we need to do.  We are constantly assessing the steps that need to be done, and equally those that do not need to be done.

We understand the project budgets and we understand the risks, and we make decisions on the level of rigour to apply throughout the life of the project, and deliver through quality gates along the way.



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